Our Mission

Develop, manufacture, and distribute high quality medical equipment for screening, diagnosis, and monitoring of visual disorders

Novel Solutions for Assessing Visual Function

Lumova has developed a unique medical instrument eMox, with proprietary technologies including AI algorithms for pattern recognition, for the early detection and monitoring of neurological eye diseases including amblyopia.

Amblyopia is reduced vision in one or both eyes caused by visual deprivation in childhood. Unless it is successfully treated in early childhood, amblyopia usually persists into adulthood, and is the most common cause of monocular visual impairment, which may also affect children’s learning and social development.

Presently, there is no clinical use product for young children visual acuity and amblyopia assessment and monitoring. The devices used by clinicians today, photoscreen and autorefractor, are only for assessing risk factors rather than amblyopia.

eMox is the only device that can provide an objective and automatic assessment for visual acuity and amblyopia in clinical environment. eMox users are eye-care professionals and pediatricians.